3M Steri Strip Skin Conversion Tapes R1547 (12mm x 100mm)

3M Steri Strip Skin Conversion Tapes R1547 (12mm x 100mm)

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3M Steri Strip Enhanced Skin Conversion Stickers R1547

Steri-Strip Skin Conversion Stickers (Enhanced), 6 Tapes / Envelope

Dimensions: 12 mm x 100 mm

Sterile Leather Convergence Tapes made of porous, non-woven substrate, hypoallergenic, pressure-sensitive adhesive, polyester fiber reinforced for greater durability.

Reduced scarring in relation to clips or stitches.

They improve patient comfort, with less chance of infection than sutures or clips.

Quick application.

Comfortable application.

They reduce the chances of skin irritation.

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They provide support to the wound, after premature sutures and clips.

Suitable for the convergence of low voltage wounds in emergency surgical departments.

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