About Us

The company Digas Care has a long history in the service of health from 1947 up today. Its headquarters are located on 75, Voulgari street in the eastern entrance of Thessaloniki. The facilities of the company are a customer-friendly space of any age and specifically towards the disable people. The human resources of the company are kind, active and communicative, but primarily informed of all developments in the health sector.

The range of products you can find in our company is multidimensional, as it includes products for home care, patient and elderly aids, as well as products for tracheostomy, mastectomy, lymphoedema and orthopedic aids for all diseases. Still you can find the most complete and specialized disposable medical material, diagnostic medical devices for professional and home use and a wide variety of first aid products. Our range of products and products of personal care and wellbeing for all, as well as products necessary for the care and development of infants and children, could not be missed.

Finally, Digas Care Ltd Is the exclusive distributor of Lipoelastic plastic compression garments in Greece. Lipoelastic are compression garments of high aesthetics and quality manufactured in the Czech Republic and are suitable for aesthetic and rehabilitation procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty, reduction, breast augmentation or rehabilitation, burn injury repair, etc. Lipoelastic compression garments are first in sales in Europe and third in the world. Alse is the exclusive distributor of REDA's surgical instruments, which is located in Germany and comes with 5 years warranty!

In our online store you will find all the above products and more, with detailed descriptions, specifications, technical specifications and prices. The customer can  not only choosing from a wide variety of health care, wellness, hygiene and rehabilitation products but comparing their characteristics as well, making the online shopping easier.

The company Digas Care Is certified by the Certification Organization of Medical Devices EKAPTI SA with the certificate ΔΥ8 / 1348/04 for the proper distribution of medical devices and for its services with the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management certificate.

The company's goal is the continuously improvement of its services and products in line with European certification and operating standards. Our aim is the excellent product quality and the best customer service.

Finally, the main motivation of our company is the proper organization and the search for and promotion of more and more specialized health products as well.