Aerochamber Plus Anti-Static Air Chamber with Flow-Vu Inhalation

Aerochamber Plus Anti-Static Air Chamber with Flow-Vu Inhalation

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Aerochamber Plus Anti-Static Air Chamber with Flow-Vu Inhalation Index *

Model: Child with mask (1-5 years old)

The Valve Holding Chamber (VHC) AeroChamber Plus with Flow-Vu Anti-Static Inhalation Indicator ensures satisfactory application and controls the symptoms of bronchial asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Ensuring effective administration of aerosol drug medication

Use in children 1 - 5 years of age


Practical size: The 149 ml bottle has the ideal size for easy everyday use.

Anti - Static Transparent Anti - Static: Ready to use immediately after opening the package without requiring any process. It provides reliable drug delivery as it minimizes static load.

Dynamic Flow Design: The design of the balloon allows the aerosol to mature to the smallest possible particle size by reducing the oral sediment of these, which can cause systemic side effects. In addition, it offers visual contact and control inside the transparent balloon.

Low resistance diaphragm system: A thinner and lower resistance bulb that requires less effort to open. Facilitates particularly low-intensity and high-rhythm patients such as children.

In Vu Indicator: Provides a guarantee that inhalation is performed accurately. In addition, it allows therapists to co-ordinate activation by inhalation, to measure patient breaths and to ensure adequate leakage.

Comfortseal silicone mask, no latex, anti-allergy: Applies comfortably to all faces and minimizes "dead" spots by offering improved aerosol delivery without the risk of facial irritation from drug absorption into the mask (as with vinyl masks).

General use pMDI socket made of Monprene enhanced polymer: Compatible with all widely used aerosol medications.

FLOWSIGNAL Whistle: Helps the patient inhaled at the right speed, giving a whistle (whistle) at an excessively fast pace.

EZ-Flow Exhalation Valve: Offers lower resistance to the exhalation flow and directs it away from the patient, preventing potential irritation.

Friendly to children with AeroBear graphics that spark their interest.

Easily washable in dishwasher up to 70oC.

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