Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Microlife BP A3L Comfort Digital

Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Microlife BP A3L Comfort Digital

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Microlife BP A3 PC Comfort digital pressure gauge for measuring blood pressure in the home with measurement technology during the inflation of the cuff.

The Microlife BP A3L Comfort digital blood pressure monitor is clinically tested and has the innovative IMT (Inflation Mode Technology) technology that provides accurate blood pressure measurements taken during the infusion of the cuff.

With IMT technology the cuff offers more comfort and does not put pressure on the patient's hand during blood pressure measurement.

Microlife PICs with IMT technology look at the pulse signals during swelling of the cuff, which swells smoothly and slowly. Once all the necessary signals have been recorded, the air in the cuff is discharged and the blood pressure value is immediately displayed on the screen so that the average measurement time decreases significantly.


IMT technology for quick and accurate measurement during the infusion of the cuff

MAM technology: The blood pressure monitor automatically performs a three-count measurement (three consecutive blood pressure measurements) on each measurement to give a quick and accurate blood pressure measurement result.

Compatible with FREE Hypertension & Diabetes Corner ( for Proper Nutrition, Exercise & Measurement Records.

PAD technology for detecting arrhythmias during measurement. If an irregular pulse occurs during the measurement, the PAD symbol appears on the display.

USB port for connection to PC

2 users and 99 saved per user with date & time

Large screen for easy reading of blood pressure measurement results.

Girdle control indicator for assured blood pressure measurement reliability.

Hand Move Indicator: Motion Detection during Measurement for Higher Accuracy in Measurement

Lock / Unlock function

With a 22-42 cm cuff suitable for normal but also for safer individuals

Instruction manual in Greek

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