Bacillol® AF 1 lit

Bacillol® AF 1 lit

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Alcoholic rapid disinfectant action without aldehydes. Bactericide, anti-yeast, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, mykovaktirioktono, antiviral antiviral enveloped (including HBV virus, HIV, HCV). Active against adenoviruses, nor the mice (MNV), the polyoma-virus and rotavirus. Suitable for rapid disinfection of surfaces resistant to alcohol, in particular in areas where the product is required to dry without residue because surfaces come into contact with sensitive products. It has been tested for use in the food sector and industry in accordance with European standards EN 13 697 and EN 13624.
Active components: Propan-1: 450 mg / g, propanol-2: 250 mg / g, ethanol: 47 mg / g.

Instructions for use
Bactericidal under EN 13727, DGHM immediately - 30 s
In yeast under EN 13624, DGHM immediately - 30 s
Fungicide based on EN 13624, DGHM immediately - 5 min
mykovaktirioktono under EN 14348, DGHM immediately - 30 s
Virucidal against enveloped viruses (incl. HBV virus, HIV, HCV) based DVV / RKI immediately - 30 s

• Disinfectant solution ready for use.
• Rapid and comprehensive action.
• Wide compatibility with materials resistant surfaces on alcohol.
• Dries quickly without leaving any residues.
• No coloring and flavors.
Available in packaging 1lt.

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