Bactiwash Liquid Rub

Bactiwash Liquid Rub

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Active against Rota and Noro viruses

Extremely skin friendly

Contains moisturizing agents to protect the skin

Alcoholic antiseptic for spreading on the hands.

Baktiwash Liquid Rub is extremely skin friendly and does not contain substances that remain on the skin and irritate it. In addition, Baktiwash Liquid Rub contains moisturizing agents to protect the skin, thus preventing dryness.

Bactericidal spectrum of action including MRSA, according to VAH / DGHM / EN1275,

Fungicide Tuberculosis EN 14348 Active against masked viruses incl. Hepatitis B / HI \ // Hepatitis C

Active against uncovered viruses including Rota viruses & Noro viruses (MNV) according to EN 14476

Instructions for use Hygienic hand antiseptic according to EN 1500 30 ”

Surgical hand antiseptic according to EN 12791 1.5 '

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