Blood Pressure arm M7 Intelli IT Omron

Blood Pressure arm M7 Intelli IT Omron

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Omron's M7 Intelli IT has been designed in collaboration with physicians, is a reliable medical instrument for measuring upper arm blood pressure, easy to use, accurate, and recommended for monitoring blood pressure in the home.

Omron's M7 Intelli ™ Pressure Gauge delivers the unique Intelli Wrap technology that makes the device accurately measure even if the cuff is misplaced by the user.


By detecting irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia).

With Bluetooth technology for easy, fast and automatic connection of your blood pressure monitor to your mobile so that you and your doctor have a full picture of your pressure through Omron Connect.

Indicated on the green or orange screen if the pressure is within or outside normal limits.

With an Intelli Wrap 22-42 cm cuff suitable for normal but also more nimble people.

As well as putting the cuff around your arm, the measurement will be accurate.

Hand Move Indicator: Motion Detection during Measurement for Higher Accuracy of Measurement.

Easy to use with a single button.

Large screen for easy reading of measurement results.

Ability to support 2 users.

Save 100 metrics per user with date & time.

Battery and power.

Can be operated with the Omron current transformer (DC 6V, 600 mA).

Very light, just 390gr without its batteries.

5 year warranty for good operation.

nstructions in Greek.

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