Blood Pressure M6 Comfort Omron

Blood Pressure M6 Comfort Omron

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The sphygmomanometer arm of Omron M6 Comfort is clinically tested by the European Society of Hypertension and provides the user with reliable blood pressure measurements easily and instantly.

The sphygmomanometer of Omron M6 Comfort was designed in collaboration with physicians, it is a reliable medical instrument for measuring blood pressure in the upper arm, easy to use, accurate and up to monitor blood pressure at home.

The sphygmomanometer of M6 Comfort Omron provides unique technology Intelli Wrap thanks to which the device measures accurately even if the cuff is positioned incorrectly by the user.


· By detecting irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia).

· With display in green or orange screen if the pressure is within or outside normal limits.

· With cuff Intelli Wrap 22-42 cm. Suitable for normal and for more plump people.

· "As to place the cuff around your arm measurement is accurate.

; Hand movement index: motion detection during measurement for more precise measurement.

· Easy to use with a single button.

· Large screen for easy reading of the measurement results.

· Ability to support two users.

· Save 50 measurements per user with date and time.

· Battery and power.

· Can work with Omron power adapter (DC 6V, 600 mA).

· With instructions in Greek.

· 4 years warranty

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