Blood pressure monitor Medisana MTV Talking

Blood pressure monitor Medisana MTV Talking

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Blood pressure is the pressure created in the blood vessels by each heart beat. When the heart contracts (= systole) and pumps blood into the arteries, it brings about a rise in pressure. The highest value is known as the systolic pressure and is the first value to be measured. 

The MTV is a blood pressure computer which is used to measure blood 

pressure at the upper arm. The measurement is carried out by a microprocessor, which, via a pressure sensor, measures fluctuations in pressure resulting from the inflation and deflation of the cuff over the artery. 

MEDISANA has had many years of experience in the field of blood pressure measurement. The high precision of MEDISANA devices has been confirmed by clinical tests, carried out according to international standards. One strong argument in favour of taking blood pressure at home is the fact that the readings are taken in familiar surroundings under relaxed conditions. The most important reading is the socalled "baseline value", the one taken before breakfast, directly after getting up in the morning. As far as it is possible, you should always try to take your blood pressure at the same time and under the 

same conditions each day. This ensures comparable results and helps in detecting the first signs of high blood pressure. If high blood pressure remains undetected, it increases the risk of further cardiovascular diseases.

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