Care Bag Uri (20 pieces)

Care Bag Uri (20 pieces)

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The Bag Uri sac that is the ideal solution for many men who have incontinence or wheelchairs or have limited mobility can have difficulty urinating in places without special facilities. Unlike traditional products used to collect and transport urine, such as hospital bottles, are bulky and distinct, the Bag Uri bag is a convenient solution. In every detail, the Uri Bag Uri bag is an improvement for the user. Lightweight and durable, with easy closing does not leak. It is easy to store, can be used and closed without any odors. The Uri bag that Bag Uri is more convenient than custom toilets and is available whenever needed. A help in personal freedom, the Uri Bag that Bag Uri can be stored in a small place like a glove box. For medical patients, as well as a practical solution for traveling or camping or wherever a toilet is not convenient, the Bag Uri bag is a sophisticated, distinct alternative. Bag Uri can be stored in a very small space and is small enough to carry in a pocket - very discreet. Pull the cords and close tight.


Absorbent urine bag that converts urine into gel.

Hold up to 450 ml of urine, free of odors and leaks.

Ideal for use on:

  • Domestic use and care for patients at home or in nursing homes
  • Patient Transfer
  • Urology or Hemodialysis
  • Pre- and post-operative units
  • Clinics and medical units
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Orthopedics
  • Bodies and groups that are constantly on the move such as Police, Fire Brigade and EKAB
  • Remote workers
  • Truck drivers and crane or taxi users
  • People with disabilities in a wheelchair

Available in 20-piece package.

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