Carnation Toe Spreader 1pcs

Carnation Toe Spreader 1pcs

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Finger separators made of special polymer gel material that contains metallic and hydrating elements so that no splashes and irritations are created at the points applied. The special flexible material is applied between the fingers while at the same time releasing moisturizing and metallic elements that care for the epidermis.

Instructions for use

It is placed on dry and clean skin. Place the divider between the first and second fingers so that their wider surface is at the top of the foot. When using, you can wear socks and tights as usual. Removed during the night so that the skin can breathe.

Washing Instructions

Wash in hand with lukewarm water using soft soap and dry thoroughly. After each wash it is good to add a little talc to the surface.


Do not use in open wounds. It is kept in a cool and shady place.

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