Cavilon no sting barrier film 28gr 3346E

Cavilon no sting barrier film 28gr 3346E

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Cavilon Non-Irritant Protective Film is a moist, non-alcoholic liquid-fast drying film to form a breathable, transparent coating on the skin. Designed to protect whole skin, whether damaged or at risk from urine, stools and other body fluids.


• Unique blend of ingredients - the extra polymer allows the film to follow the movement of the skin

•Without alcohol

• Safe - will not interfere with the healing process of irritated, injured skin

• Hypoallergenic

• Dries quickly and does not stick - for patient convenience and comfort

• Compatible with Chlorexidine Gluconate

• Transparent, allows continuous skin monitoring

• It lasts up to 72 hours


• Skin friction

• Incontinence dermatitis

• Apply to tattoo

• Skin damage around the nozzles

• Skin protection around wounds

• Skin injuries from radiation

• Injury of skin by stickers

• Suitable for infants up to one month, children and adults

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