Cooling Spray Ice Spray 200ml

Cooling Spray Ice Spray 200ml

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Cooling Spray is used to relieve pain caused by injuries, wounds, sprains, swellings or cramps. Its anesthetic effect, caused by the cooling of the injured spot, quickly allows the injured person to return to his usual or athletic activity.

Spray on the injured - blasted spot lasts for 3-4 seconds and at a distance of at least 15-20 cm. Spray should stop when a kind of white frost appears in the affected area. If necessary, spraying can be repeated. Mechanically achieving cold-anesthesia will relieve the patient temporarily weakening the pain. The cooling spray is sprayed in the event of violent crippling and sprains, acting instantly causing immediate relief due to the action of high cold.

Be careful when using this product because the product may cause burns from the cold.

Keep in a cool, cool environment.

200ml bottle

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