CPR torso with display R19100

CPR torso with display R19100

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CPR doll with display


Easy-to-use CPR doll with hygienic airways. The CPR doll can be used for individual exercises with the normal hygiene airways, for the group exercise a filter attachment can be set up per practitioner to exclude infections.

The CPR doll has a built-in pressure depth and compression rate indicator. The correct print depth is confirmed with a click sound, the compression rate by a multi-colored light indicator. At a compression rate of less than 60 compressions per minute, a red indicator light illuminates and the color changes to orange. From 80 compressions, a green indicator lights up, as soon as 100 compressions per minute are reached, two green indicators light up. If the practitioner slows down the compression, the colors change in reverse order. If the compression depth is insufficient, all indicators will go out and a red light will start flashing.

The CPR doll comes with a carrying bag, is maintenance-free and easy to clean. The scope of delivery includes the torso, the carrying bag, 10 hygiene airways and a filter attachment.

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