Cream Conveen Protact 50gr

Cream Conveen Protact 50gr

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Protect and simultaneously hydrate the skin

Conveen Protact has a unique combination of waterproofing and moisturizing materials and is easily applied to the skin. It is quickly absorbed while leaving a thin layer of dimethicone and zinc oxide (12%) which protects the skin from irritation. Zinc oxide due to its properties (astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory) contributes to the rapid recovery of irritated skin. Maintains the skin's natural elasticity by protecting it from dryness due to the presence of ingredients such as Vaseline, Natural Vitamin E and others

Safe use from infants to the elderly

Indications: Conveen Protact can be used as an amorphous patch to protect areas that are wetted by irritating biological fluids (urine, stools, syringes, etc.) or to treat early skin irritation. Conveen Protact will relieve itching and prevent further worsening. It is also recommended that infants be prevented from developing a "diaper rash".

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