Diagnostic scale Microlife WS80

Diagnostic scale Microlife WS80

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The MICROLIFE WS80 electronic personal scales give you the ability to accurately calculate your body weight. Its capacity is 150 kg, with a subdivision of 100 grams.

In order to be able to evaluate our state of health, it is important to know the composition of our body. What we need to define is the quality of the body, not its weight. This means we have to separate two basic components of the human body:

Lack of body mass: bones, muscles, water, etc.

Fatty body mass: fat cells

The MICROLIFE Diagnostic Balance gives you the ability to assess your body composition and automatically calculate body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, body mass index, and basic metabolic rate according to height, age and your sex.


Can store data for 10 people

Thin and modern design

Large, easy-to-read screen

Measurement: body weight, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, Body Mass Index (BMI), Basic Metabolism Index (BMR)

Capable of measuring up to 150 kg

Grading 100 g

Select KG - St - lb

2 year warranty

Instructions for use in Greek

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