Flu virus A and B 10 fragment detection test

Flu virus A and B 10 fragment detection test

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Flu virus A and B 10 fragment detection test


PACKAGING CONTENTS: 10 Cartridge Tests and Sampling Dropper

Buffer vial


Test tubes

Instructions for use

Storage: 2-300C

Sample Material: Nasopharyngeal smear

Time: 15 minutes

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Influenza A&B and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are the leading causes of serious respiratory diseases in children. These viruses have similar seasonal incidence and need to be treated medically.

• The 242011N-10 Influenza A / B Test by Nal Von Mindend is a high-affinity chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of type A influenza antigens (including A / H1N1, A / H3N2, A / H5N1 subtypes). in human nasopharyngeal specimens to help diagnose the infection.

• Early diagnosis allows early treatment with results

- Limiting the severity of symptoms,

Avoiding serious complications and

- Restriction of the spread of the disease.

• To determine the exact subtype the sample must be sent to a specialized laboratory.

• Result in 10 minutes

• A nasal smear is required to perform the test.

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