Gauze Non - Woven 5cm x 5cm 1137

Gauze Non - Woven 5cm x 5cm 1137

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Non-woven Beesana Non-Woven Mesh Strips (Non woven).

It consists of 67% of cellulose fibers and 33% of polyester fibers.

Non-woven cloths with a gauze pattern of 67% cellulose and 33% polyester fibers. Without adhesives and fluorescent bleaching agents. Extremely absorbent, soft and air-permeable. They are available in various sizes and as incision pads.


For general wound care. Suitable for use as swabs and as pads for surgical micro-interventions in outpatient clinics and in hospitals. Especially for the treatment of injuries in cases of intubation, tracheostomy and installation of extension tubes.

It does not have an adhesive and a fluorescent bleaching agent.

It is used for the general treatment of wounds, as swabs and as compresses for interventions in hospitals or clinics.

Packing box 25 pairs x 2 pieces.

Dimensions 5cm x 5cm

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