Handy grips 67cm AU120

Handy grips 67cm AU120

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The auxiliary arm AU120 is suitable for people who have difficulties with grasping and holding objects due to excessive weight, age or mobility problems. With the helping hand you can grasp objects that are out of your reach. It also allows you to grip objects from the floor or from a tall cupboard without bending or stretching. Only a little power is needed to get an object. Pull the handle, the hooks are closed and grip the object. The device is suitable for grasping light objects such as remote controls, pens, pencils, cans, bottles and newspapers.


· Made of anodized aluminum.

· Rotating magnetic head.

· Working length: 67 cm.

· Overall length: 76 cm.

· Open head: 9 cm.

· Maximum object weight: 2kg.

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