Hartmann Grassolind 10cm x 10cm (10 pcs)

Hartmann Grassolind 10cm x 10cm (10 pcs)

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Grassolind ointment or pad with cotton wool thin cloth. Box of 10 pieces.


Pads without active substances of cotton knitted fabric. permeable to the air and secretions, impregnated with a neutral ointment in large quantities so that it does not even escape to intense exudation. They are easily cut to the desired dimensions. The ointment contains: white petrolatum, diglyceride ester of, monocarboxylic and dicarbonic fatty acids, synthetic wax.

Application of the Grassolind ointment gauze

Ointment gauze for general wound healing, in particular for maintaining the elasticity of the surface and wound edges, e.g. for large-scale abrasions or cuts as well as burns or burns from hot water, plastic and aesthetic surgery, nail extraction, squinting, etc. To cover the donor and the recipient area in skin transplants and to hold partial-thickness cutaneous grafts. They are also suitable for dermatology as well as for patients with sensitive or sensitive skin.


Thanks to the grid with large gaps, the secretions can be absorbed without any problem by the secondary bandage, which avoids any risk of exudate accumulation.

Because of the fat it contains, it maintains the flexibility of the wound edges and stimulates the formation of granulation and re-epithelial tissue, while preventing the wound from adhering to the wound.

Replacement of the patch is painless: the granulation tissue and the young epithelium are not irritated.

Method of application

Remove the gauze from the sterile package by keeping both applied protective sheets.

Cut it to the size of the wound, if necessary.

After removing one of the protective membranes, apply the bandage on the wound, and then remove the other protective sheet.

To absorb the wound exudate, it is recommended that a sterile absorbent bandage be applied over Grassolind.

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