I.V. infusion set with airvent

I.V. infusion set with airvent

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I.V. infusion set with airvent sterilized per piece. Ethylene oxide sterilized, non-toxic apyrogenic Hose length: 160 cm 20 drops H2O = 1G +/- 0.1G

  - PVC
  - No latex
  - Length 190 cm
   - Sterilized

  Instructions for use:

 Disinfect the surface of the bottle cap.
 Remove the bottle guard, puncture and push by turning the nipple on the cap all the way along its length.
 Close the clamp tightly, invert the bottle and hang it at the desired height.
 Pipette the air out of the dispenser as follows: Remove the needle guard and pierce it. Slightly release the clamp to move the fluid, keeping the needle above the bottle level at the beginning, and gradually lowering it when there are no more air bubbles in the lower tube of the device. Close the clamp.
Insert the needle into the vein, adjust the flow by shifting the clamp so that the infusion rate is in accordance with the medical guidelines.

Useful information

The device must be checked before use if it is intact.

The device is unsuitable for transfusion of blood or derivatives thereof.

The appliance must be destroyed after use.

Do not re-sterilize.

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