Incontinence Panties Molicare Super Night Medium 14 pieces

Incontinence Panties Molicare Super Night Medium 14 pieces

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High fluid storage capacity provides confidence over night and this incontinence pad is indicated for moderate to severe urinary incontinence and / or stomach

Belly-hip circumference: 80-120 cm


Incontinent lugs are worn and removed as common underwear. With a non-woven neutral anti-bacterial dry-Plus technology, a superabsorbent core that captures the unpleasant odors and a moisture index to indicate the time of change of the briefs. Outside cover of the entire non-woven cloth with moisture-absorbing interior walls. Anatomically designed with elastic folds around the legs. With a liquid-impervious cloth exterior. These panties offer perfect protection and comfort during use and protect against excessive moisture. They keep a pleasantly dry environment around the skin. Dermatologically tested.


For incontinence of urine and / or stool for self-handlers. Thanks to its easy handling, it is especially suited to toilet use training. It is also indicated for safe application and safety in unrestrained patients or patients with dementia.

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