Instrument set sterile (Box 28pcs)

Instrument set sterile (Box 28pcs)

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Disposable Stitch Kit  Mediset 479176, Ready to Use

Ready-to-use sterile sets of tools have proven to be cost-effective and efficient.

It saves time, reduces costs and strengthens systematic work because it contains what is necessary for each use.


1 plastic container 15x20cm with 4 cases

1 Surgical field 30x48cm from cellulose / PE

5 nonwoven gauze patches 7,5 × 7,5cm 4 ply 30g

1 stainless steel forceps forceps forceps 12cm

1 stainless steel scissors with plastic handles 12cm

1 stainless steel needle holder 14cm

Packed in a sterile package

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