IsiNeb Drug Nebuliser

IsiNeb Drug Nebuliser

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IsiNeb Drug Nebuliser

With a container that allows you to reach any depth of the respiratory tract you desire.

Contains the following components:

Drug receptacle with double valve and regulator system

 Air hose

 Oral dosing component

Adult mask made of PVC

PVC mask for children

3 filters

Nasal mask


 Maximum pressure: 2.5 bar

Operating pressure 0.9 bar

Operating flow: 14 lt / min (at 1.2 bar)

Weight: 1.7 kilos

Noise: 58 db

Continuous operation

Drug receptacle:

 Capacity: 12ml

Nebulating rate 1: 0.2 ml / min

Nebulating rate 2: 0.35 ml / min

Nebulating rate 3: 0.5 ml / min

Remaining volume: 0.7 ml

Warranty: 3 years

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