L-Mesitran Soft Gel Wound Healer 15gr

L-Mesitran Soft Gel Wound Healer 15gr

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L-Mesitran Soft is a hydrating antibacterial gel that cleans the wound and accelerates healing. The 40% honey it contains has unique characteristics for healing and effectively controlling bacteria and fungi.

Ideal for patients with sensitivity.


• Ulcers (pressure, venous, arterial and diabetic)

• Surface and deep wounds with large, medium or small secretions

• 1st and 2nd degree burns

• Post-operative wounds

• Traumas with bad smell and fungi

Mechanisms of action:

1. Cleans the wound

The osmotic action of honey drives fluid into the wound and promotes autolytic removal

of the necrotic tissue while the patch maintains and protects the fluid traumatic environment.

2. Fights microbes and fungi, controls the bad,

as well as the generation of microbial colonies. Honey contains glucose which

when metabolized by bacteria, produces odorous components (carbon dioxide

and water).

3. Promotes the healing process

Evidence suggests that it helps in healing through

immune effects and stimulates epithelization.


• Medical Grade Honey 40%

• Medilan (medical grade lanolin)

• Polyethylene glycol

• Vitamin C • Vitamin E

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