Liquid Pattern Hydrosorb Gel 15gr Item

Liquid Pattern Hydrosorb Gel 15gr Item

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Clear high viscosity gel with water with electrolytic composition that ensures a balanced wet environment around the wound. It softens dry, necrotic tissue and facilitates cleansing, absorbs deposits and exudates into traumas of low exudate intensity. Removed using a sterile rinse solution without causing wound irritation. It is available in reverse gradient slivers to accurately measure and monitor the volume of the wound and the amount of available gel. In an individual protective case


For the wet treatment of both surface and deep wounds with little exudation e.g. Ulcers, fallouts, and second degree burns. It softens and hydrates the necrosis by facilitating autolysis and removal of necrotic and non-vital tissue. The wound should be covered with a thick gel layer (5mm) and a suitable secondary patch.

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