Manual Breast Pump Nuk Jolie

Manual Breast Pump Nuk Jolie

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This NUK Jolie manual breast pump combines high efficiency, gentle sensation & easy handling


• Efficiency

The increased yields of the NUK Jolie manual breast pump in sucking breast milk are due to manufacturing innovation as well as to its studied functionality. The special projections on the silicone cushion (which is attached to the chest) are designed to stimulate the flow of milk.

• Soft feel

The soft silicone pillow is ideally suited to the mother's chest and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin.

• Easy use

The suction handle has an ergonomic shape and is particularly functional. Through this grip, the mother has the ability to adjust suction power to the level she desires: the more she pushes her, the more she increases.

• Practice

All parts of the NUK Jolie manual breast pump are disassembled, cleaned and reassembled with great ease. They are also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Includes NUK's milk collection container

The mother's milk is pumped directly into the NUK's milk collection container. This container is made of heat resistant polypropylene and is ideal for keeping, freezing, warming up and feeding the baby with the milk we have collected. No need of transfusion.

The accompanying components of the NUK Jolie manual breast pump include: a mounting bracket, sealing caps and a screw ring for the collection container.


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