Massage-Nex TOGU

Massage-Nex TOGU

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What is the Massage-Nex®?

A waterproof and air-filled support with nubs for the neck. The material Ruton is odorless and very durable (up to 150kg). The product is latex-free, without banned phthalates and free of heavy metals (According to EU Directive 2005/84 / EC).

What does the application do?

Tensions in the neck area are released. The acupuncture points specifically stimulate sensory perception and stimulate the neck muscles. In a self-massage, more muscle can be loosened up.

How does it work?

The massage Nex, may be on the floor, e.g. be placed on a mat or even on the edge of the bathtub. Then just hang up the neck, close your eyes and relax. For a self-massage, the head and neck area can be moved over the product accordingly.


"When I lie down on the floor mat, I can not find a comfortable position for my head.With the Massage Nex I can perfectly support my neck and gently fix it, so that my head is in a comfortable position, too, and the pimples feel soft It also works great as I take a relaxing bath The surface of the Massage Nex is waterproof and easy to wash off The Massage Nex is just to feel good. "

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 20 x 10.5 cm

Weight: approx. 350 g

Load capacity: 150 kg

Made in Germany -

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