Microlife OXY 300 Pulse Oximeter

Microlife OXY 300 Pulse Oximeter

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The Microlife OXY 300 Pulse Oximeter is a non-invasive portable device that controls the oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse. The oximeter is suitable for adults and children. It can be used for private use as well as for use in the medical field (hospitals, clinics).

Pulse oximetry technology uses the absorption of light from hemoglobin and the pulsating way of blood flow to the arteries.

The pulse oximeter uses a sensor that sheds light at two wavelengths, red and infrared, on a relatively thin part of the body that has good arterial pulsed blood flow, usually the finger or the lobe of the ear. It has a light detector which together with a microprocessor compares and calculates the differences between oxygen-rich hemoglobin and oxygen deficient hemoglobin.


Measurement of oxygen saturation in the blood (Sp02%) and frequency of heartbeats

View the measurements on a two-tone LED display

The brightness of the screen is set to ten different levels

Auto-off after 8 seconds

Pulse measurement range: 30 - 250 bpm

SpO2 Measuring range: 70 - 100%

Battery status indicator

Weight 56gr (including batteries)

Dimensions: 56 x 31 x 30.5 mm

Carrying Case

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