Nasal Aspirator Baby Doo MX6-ONE

Nasal Aspirator Baby Doo MX6-ONE

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BABYDoo MX6-One Nasal Decongesting Electronic Device:

· Use of normal saline, helps collect mucus

· Maximum absorption power 50 kPa

· Spare mucus collection containers

· Three different silicone tips

· Three sterile 5ml bottles for normal saline use

· Suitable for use in newborns

How It Works

The BabyDoo MX6-One electronic nasal concealer, Visiomed France, is a device specially formulated to properly and safely clean the babies' toddler baby.

It consists of the electronic part, powered by two simple alkaline batteries, and from the site where the mucus is sucked in and collected.

The suction force is clinically tested for proper and safe cleaning with a maximum intensity of 50 kpa.

The muzzle it uses is three sizes depending on the child's age and is of soft silicone and is reusable.

pink to three months,

blue three months to one year

orange over one year)

It is also good to know the following:

Drink plenty of fluids to your baby, help with a passing life.

Carefully raise the baby's head during the cleaning process to breathe better.

Make sure your baby's mouth is open during aspiration, so as not to disturb the inside of the ear (pressure relief).

Use a solution (eg saline) before sucking to liquefy secretions.

Do not forget to use the BabyDoo MX6-One several times, especially before bedtime (for a good night's sleep) and if feeding with a bottle, before every meal to breathe easily during the meal.

The color code of the tips refers to the age of the child:

pink for babies up to three months old, blue from three months to one year, orange from one year old and up.

Replace replacement containers when you feel it is necessary.

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