Nebulizer C28 OMRON

Nebulizer C28 OMRON

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The nebulizer of Omron C28 is a high quality device, ideal for home care and for inhalation therapy for asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. The nebulizer of C28 Omron is suitable for all medications providing secure nebulization using a single button. Provides fast nebulization in infants, children and adults.

Suitable for nasal washes, easy to clean and comes with carrying case, 5 filters, adult mask, children mask, mouthpiece and nose slot.


· Suitable for adults and children.

; All nebulized medications.

· Adaptable to the characteristics of the patient's breathing.

· Dimensions: 17x10,3x18cm.

; Weight: 1,90kg.

· Speed ​​nebulizing: 0,5ml / min.

; Particle size: 3 micrometres.

· Nebulizing capacity: 2-7ml.

· Exit aerosol: 0,4ml.

· Output rate Aerosol: 0,09ml / min.

· Noise level: 60dB.

· Maximum pressure: 3bar.

· Warranty 3 years.

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