Nebulizer NEB500 MICROLIFE

Nebulizer NEB500 MICROLIFE

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The nebulizer NEB500 of Microlife is a high-quality device, ideal for home care and for inhalation therapy for asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. The operation and use of the device is very simple and can be used to treat children. It works with all common drugs used for inhalation therapy. It consists of a very powerful compressor for best results nebulizer, that the drug be fed properly even in the deeper regions of the lungs.

It contains masks, mouthpieces and spare filters suitable for children.


· Suitable for adults and children.

; All nebulized medications.

· Adaptable to the characteristics of the patient's breathing.

· Dimensions: 20x15,8x9,3cm.

; Weight: 1,40kg.

· Speed ​​nebulizing: 0,3ml / min.

; Particle size: 4,9mm.

· Airflow Compression: 5-8l / min.

· Nebulizing capacity: 2-13ml.

; Residue Size: 0,93ml.

· Noise level: 53dB.

· Working pressure: 0,55-0,90bar (8-13Psi).

· Maximum pressure: 2,89bar (42Psi).

· Warranty 3 years.

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