Nebulizer PARI JuniorBOY SX

Nebulizer PARI JuniorBOY SX

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The nebulizer JuniorBOY SX of Pari is an ideal treatment option with inhalations for children under 4 years of age and infants, from the first month of life. Infant BABY mask and rotating connector BABY angle ensure comfortable nebulization in a seated or supine position. The chamber PARI LC SPRINT generates very small droplets, suitable for small airways smaller in patients age.

Ideal for very young patients as it has supplies for babies from the first months of life, atomizes in less than 7 minutes and does not require any special inhalation technique.

The package includes a specialized chamber nebulizer PARI LC SPRINT, infant and child mask mouthpiece for children over three years.


· Suitable for babies from the first month and children.

; All nebulized medications.

· Adaptable to the characteristics of the patient's breathing.

· Dimensions: 19,2x14,5x15cm.

; Weight: 1,70kg.

; Particle size: 2,9mm.

· Exit aerosol: 0,48ml.

· Output rate Aerosol: 0,08ml / min.

· Maximum pressure: 1,6bar.

· Warranty 2 years.

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