Nitrate Gloves Exam Peha-Soft Fino Hartmann Large

Nitrate Gloves Exam Peha-Soft Fino Hartmann Large

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Non-latex disposable test gloves made of ultra-smooth nitrile rubber in lilac color, powder-free. Thanks to their special inner liner, they are very easy to install. They have a scratchy surface in the fingertips for perfect capture capability. They are extremely elastic, tear-resistant and secure. They have perfect fit and impeccable tactile sensation. For use in the left or right hand.


As durable disposable gloves in all areas where staff are at risk of contamination. Particularly suitable for people with hypersensitivity to glove powder or allergies to latex protein (type I allergy). Personal protective equipment according to European standard EN 374, (Cat. I and II), for use in operations where there is contact with chemicals and disinfectants. Suitable for contact with food.

Packaging 150 pieces.

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