Omnitape fastening tape 10m x 2cm Cylinder

Omnitape fastening tape 10m x 2cm Cylinder

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Strong film for professional dressing in a plastic cylinder. Functional dressing with Omintape is not only recommended for primary care but also for relieving ligaments to complete healing.


High-adhesive 100% cellulose adhesive tape with zinc oxide and rubber adhesive. Extremely rugged and non-elastic for secure and long-lasting fixation on joints and joints. Excellent restraint even on fabric substrates and compression bandages. Thanks to the toothed edges they are easily cut by hand. They are cut just as well and horizontally. White in color.


For functional dressing, e.g. To stabilize joints, especially in ligament lesions. To support and relieve injured muscles. For conservative treatment of dislocations, etc. For prophylactic and rehabilitation training in sports medicine.

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