Pad with silver ointment Atrauman Ag 10 x 10 cm item

Pad with silver ointment Atrauman Ag 10 x 10 cm item

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Ointment pads containing silver from hydrophobic knitted tulle made of polyamide. Impregnated with neutral ointment without petroleum jelly or other paraffins. Bacteria are neutralized thanks to the silver ions formed in the wet environment on the surface of the patch. They do not cling to the trauma. With microbiological activity for a minimum of 7 days. The ointment contains: A mixture of esters of natural, vegetable fatty acids that bind as digrogerides and triglycerides Macrogol 2000.


For the treatment of superficial wounds as well as for supplementary protection in the treatment of high microbial wounds or contaminated wounds as well as for the prevention of infections.

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