Patch PermaFoam Comfort 20 x 20 cm/ item

Patch PermaFoam Comfort 20 x 20 cm/ item

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Foam padding with waterproof permeable polyurethane coating. Thanks to the foam structure

 With highly expanded pores, PermaFoam also absorbs solid, non-soluble components such as coatings and thickened wound secretions, helping to quickly and effectively clean it.


For secure, microbial-proof fixation, PermFoam is available with an outline of hypoallergenic adhesive membrane.

For the treatment of wounds that do not show a clinical picture of infection with moderate to severe exudate during the cleansing and granulating phase, especially in the case of chronic problem wounds, Leg ulcers or bed sores. It is particularly suitable for the treatment of venous ulcers in the context of compression therapy and for the treatment of burns to second degree.

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