Pocket Ophthalmoscope HEINE K180 C-182.10.118

Pocket Ophthalmoscope HEINE K180 C-182.10.118

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The portable pocket ophthalmoscope K180 of Heine is a high quality viewfinder that provides a unique optical system which minimizes the reflection on the cornea and the iris and ensure full observation of the illuminated area. The ophthalmoscope K180 allows the observation of the entire illuminated area of ​​the retina even when the pupil is small. It has a classic design, small and convenient size, rugged construction of high quality polycarbonate materials that make it resistant to vibration and anti-slip.


• Lighting: Advanced XHL XENON halogen technology for 100% more light than conventional incandescent lamps. Very bright, focused, white light for perfect illumination.

• Range of lenses: -35D to + 40D.

• Lens: 27.

• Baffles: small circle, large circle, the correction star without polar coordinates, slit and red cut filter.

• Hollow, multiply coated viewing window that helps to avoid the dispersion of light.

• Supply: Operates with two ordinary alkaline batteries commerce, type C.

• Shock resistant and slip-resistant.

• Special construction to prevent dust.

• Soft carry pouch.

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