Professional Blood Pressure HEM-907 Omron

Professional Blood Pressure HEM-907 Omron

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Professional sphygmomanometer HEM-907 Omron of clinically certified by the European Society of Hypertension and is specially designed for Clinics, Clinics, Hospitals and Pharmacies.

Professional blood pressure monitor HEM-907 Omron is the ideal solution for all users cuff after removal of mercury.


· Ability stethoscope measurement with manual deflation for intersection results.

· Precision self capability of the device.

; Seven levels of inflation Default.

· Ability to cache display during measurement to reduce the phenomenon of white coat.

· Ability dialing consecutive measurement interval and duration.

· Export average up to three consecutive measurements.

· Large and readable display for easy reading of the measurement results.

; Power mode & measurements 300 rechargeable battery.

· Armband midsize (22-32ek.) With the possibility of washing, for 60,000 measurements.

· With instructions in Greek.

· 5 years guarantee.

Optional accessories (not included):

· Small cuff (17-22 cm.) And large (32-42 cm.).

· Stand on wheels with basket storage.

· Wall mounting kit with storage cart.

· Elongation air tube cuff 1.3 m.

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