Repellent Spray ALLERG-STOP 250ml

Repellent Spray ALLERG-STOP 250ml

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Allerg-STOP Repellent is a new, unique, approved biocide TB19, multiple application spray mites, mosquitoes and fleas, which covers a large gap in the fight against all allergens found inside the mattresses and in all the fibrous surfaces. Its usefulness is catalytic, especially in maintaining the hygiene of the layers that are burdened by everyday use, as we spend one third of our lives there.

What it offers:

Allerg-STOP Repelent effectively treat mites, bugs and fleas that are the main source of allergies. It inhibits the growth of mites and neutralizes for a long time, at least four months, the allergenic loads caused by mites and their feces, providing effective anti-allergy protection. The above make it a unique product to combat and prevent allergies from mites in layers and on all fibrous surfaces.

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