Sekusept Plus 2 lit

Sekusept Plus 2 lit

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Concentrate for disinfection and effective cleaning of medical instruments, metallic, plastic and glass, dieryntiron and sensitive to alkalis and small tools alcohols. Particularly suitable for heat sensitive materials and are not suitable for silicone materials. Suitable for use in an ultrasonic bath. Powerful cleaning and disinfecting with a pleasant aroma and low volatility.

Certified by the German link VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene) CE 0297.
Active ingredient per 100 g :: 25g Glykoprotamini (herbal substance exclusive supply from Ecolab).
Active against: Tuberculosis, HIV, HBV, Adeno, Papova, Vaccinia.
Disinfection of medical instruments according to VAH: 1,5% for 1 hour, 2.5% for 30 min, 4% for 15 minutes.
For disinfecting of medical instruments in an ultrasonic bath: 4% for 5 minutes.
The solution has a duration of 14 days.
Suggested use: Dip the tools immediately after using the solution. They should be fully wetted by the solution. After the apaitoumenouchronou action, remove the tools from the solution and rinse with water.
Package: Bottle 2 liters.

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