Self Test AntiGen Covid-19 Saliva (1 pc)

Self Test AntiGen Covid-19 Saliva (1 pc)

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Self test of COVID-19 saliva coronavirus antigen

The rapid test / self test of a saliva sample with a saliva sample, is based on antigen-antibody reaction and immunochromatography. You need 2ml of saliva sample from the back of the pharynx, not a nasopharyngeal smear. This makes it more comfortable, and easier to use even by non-health professionals


Easy to use as well as even by non-health professionals

Rapid detection of coronavirus infection (in just 10-15 minutes) in a small sample of saliva

Painless procedure without causing discomfort in the nasopharynx

Suitable for use by children


No additional equipment required

Ease of operation with self-diagnostic (self-testing)

Exact results. Depending on whether the indication is in line C or line T it is determined whether the person is infected or not

It has a material made of hypersensitive colloidal gold, which has a stable performance, regardless of environmental and experimental conditions

Accuracy: 96.8%

Sensitivity: 91.7%

Specialty: 99.6%

Instructions for use:

Sample collection: Open the lid of the vial already containing 2ml from break) and insert the funnel. Collect about 2ml of saliva from the back of the pharynx. Remove the funnel, close the lid and shake up and down 6-10 times

Open the lid, wait 10 seconds and then with the dropper (pipette) take a quantity of liquid and place 3-4 drops (without air) in the cassette holder

Wait 10-15 minutes and read the result


If a line appears only in T: The test has not been performed correctly or the tape is defective. In this case the test must be repeated with a new cassette

If a line appears only in C: The test is negative but a review is recommended after 2 days

If a line appears on both C and T at the same time: This means a positive test and that the person who gave the sample is positive for the coronavirus and should contact a doctor.

Package contents of Rapid coronavirus COVID-19:


1 cassette

1 collection tube with liquid solution

1 saliva funnel

1 tube cap

Instructions for use

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