Skinman Soft Protect 1000ml

Skinman Soft Protect 1000ml

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Liquid hand sanitizer parallel cares hands. Combats dry skin and is suitable for all skin types. It contains components with excellent compatibility with the skin: Vitamin E for protection, glycerin and panthenol for nourishing for rejuvenation.

Active against: Bacteria (incl. Tbc), fungi, viruses, hepatitis B (HBV), Rota virus and Herpes virus.
Suggested use: For health disinfecting hands, rub 3ml undiluted product to dry hands for 30 seconds. For surgical hand disinfection rub 2x5ml undiluted product to dry for 1 ½ minutes at a time.
Composition: In 100g contained as active ingredients 60g propanol-2, 0,15g benzalconium chloride.

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