Spiral Endometrium 7 MED USTA 380

Spiral Endometrium 7 MED USTA 380

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Intrauterine coil with 380 mm2 copper.

Normal size.

The only intravenous glomeruli manufactured in the EU under strict quality standards!


Intravenous contraception intended for women who have not had children or have one or more children.

They can be introduced after birth or abortion. They can also be used for urgent contraception. However, the risk of pelvic inflammatory disease is higher in this case.

However, like all methods of contraception, intrauterine contraception does not guarantee complete protection and a delay in menstruation is a reason to consult your healthcare professional.


The 7 MED 380® USTA is a sterile, medical-surgical disposable device (Class III medical devices). It is ready for use inside a sterile sachet. It consists of two flexible arms made of polyethylene crossed by a X-ray perpendicular shaft around which a copper wire 380mm2 is wound around and a single-stranded nylon thread attached to the base of the device


Dimensions 7 MED 380® USTA: 32 mm width, 35.4 mm long

The 7 MED 380® USTA (Normal Size) is an endometrial gloss suitable for uterine cavities with a height of 7 cm or over.

The 7 MED 380® USTA should be replaced at most after 5 years.

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