Sterile drape Foliodrape Protect Hartmann 50 x 50cm

Sterile drape Foliodrape Protect Hartmann 50 x 50cm

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Surgical fields Hartmann Foliodrape Protect, sterilized and individually packaged, made of excellent quality material for long-term surgical operations with large amounts of fluid.

Hartmann's Foliodrape Protect surgical fields are impervious to moisture and germs, resistant to tearing, do not leave sinuate and have excellent folding properties.

Innovative technology offers: Optimum absorption capacity: the viscose surface layer - nonwoven material - has a three-dimensional structure and absorbs larger amounts of fluid at a faster rate.

Optimal microbial protection: Intermediate layer of polyethylene fibers without pores is absolutely impervious to microbes.

Optimal well-being: The lower layer of non-woven material holds the fluid and absorbs sweat, giving the skin a pleasant feel.

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