Sterillium® Gel 100ml

Sterillium® Gel 100ml

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Hand Antiseptic on ethanol. Bactericide, fungicide, mykovaktirioktono, virucidal against viruses sheath (including HBV, HIV, HCV, of nor mice (MNV), virucidal. It combines, hygiene and surgical disinfection of hands without using water. Suitable for healthcare areas, home care patients, the elderly and infants. Protects against infection in public places, the food industry and on trips. The Sterillium® Gel pure contains no colorings and perfume. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Active ingredient per 100 g: Ethanol 85,0 g.

Instructions for use
Rub the undiluted onto dry hands. Hands must remain impregnated throughout the application time.
hygiene hand disinfection (according to EN 1500) 30 s
surgical hand disinfection (EN 12791) 1,5 min
bactericide (EN 13727) 30 s
fungicide (EN 13624) 30 s
mykovaktirioktono (EN 13348) 15 s
virucidal (EN 14476) 1 min
Extremely friendly skin even for long-term use.
Hydrates the skin.
Wide range of action: Strong antiseptic action within 30 seconds, Antiviral Activity (EN 14476) in a minute, also bactericidal (EN 13727), fungicidal (EN 13624), mykovaktirioktonos action (EN 13348).

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