Super Vega 36 Suction Aspirator - Battery

Super Vega 36 Suction Aspirator - Battery

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The suction device Super Vega 36 Italian company Gima used to suction secretions from the nose, mouth or lungs in adults and children. It is portable and therefore suitable for both hospital (mainly cases of small surgeries) and for domestic use. Suitable for patients with a tracheostomy for chronic decubitus patients and patients in the postoperative period.



· Dimensions: 35x21x18cm.

; Weight: 4,90kg.

· Maximum suction pressure: -0,75bar.

· Maximum air flow: 36Lt / min.

· Autonomy: 45-50min.

· Recharging time: 120-150min.

; Resistant container 1Lt from high strength plastic with overflow valve and sterilizable at 120 ° C.

· Antibacterial filter.

· With regulator of pressure intensity and the pressure indicator display in kPa and bar.

· Cables for battery charging (plug and car).

· Warranty 2 years

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