Surrounding Ultraflex Silicone Adherent Catheter

Surrounding Ultraflex Silicone Adherent Catheter

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Incontinence of urine can have a significant impact on the psychology and social life of the sufferer. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to treat it properly in a way that suits the patient and makes him have a better image for himself.

For male incontinence there are 100% pure silicone outer catheters with built-in sticker for stability and safety from BARD Medical.

Male Bard external catheters provide:

High breathability for improved comfort and optimum skin integrity

Soft silicone and uniform adhesive for safe application and stability

Transparency for direct visual inspection of the skin

Distortion and twist resistance to ensure continuous flow

Available in three types and in 3 sizes (29mm-M, 32mm-IM, 36mm-L):

Ultraflex - Normal Length, External male catheter with sticker.

Built-in adhesive in the center of the case

It is considered to be a traditional form of Adherent External Male Catheter.

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