Suture PGA 3/0 DS19 3/8 cutting needle 9633

Suture PGA 3/0 DS19 3/8 cutting needle 9633

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Synthetic absorbed surgical suture of polyglycolic acid. Synthetic absorbed surgical suture PGA is used to hold in contact and converge soft tissues, even in ophthalmic procedures. It is not suitable for use in cardiovascular and neurological procedures. After the implantation of the synthetic absorbable SGA surgical suture, moderate local inflammation of the tissues is observed, followed by gradual encapsulation of fibrous connective tissue.

There follows a gradual loss of strength and saturation mass due to its absorption by means of the hydrolysis mechanism in which the polymer is broken down into glycolic acid which is absorbed and subjected to body-to-body metabolism. Absorption of the PGA suture initially results in loss of strength without significant loss of mass. The PGA suture has a residual strength of more than 75% of the European Pharmacopoeia requirement at the end of the second week of implantation and about 35% at the end of the third week. Suture absorption is completed over a period of 50 to 90 days.

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