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Τhe company

The e-shop www.digascare.gr is managed by "Digas Care E.E" with VAT Number 999768472 and DOU A 'Thessaloniki, located at 75, Voulgari Street, PC 54249, in Thessaloniki. The services of the e-shop www.digascare.gr are provided to its guests / members / customers by accepting the following Terms of Use on their part. All orders made by the members / customers of the e-shop www.digascare.gr imply the automatic acceptance of the following terms. Please read them carefully.

User's responsibility

As to the use of this website, the user declares himself / herself responsible and is committed to being over 18 years  and assumes responsibility for any use of the site by minors on his behalf. The user is under obligation and assumes responsibility for using the site in accordance with the law and following the terms of use. Any use of the site for purposes that are misleading, for profit, or for purposes that may cause problems in operating its services is prohibited. Any unlawful use of the website implies the exclusion of the user from accessing the provided services. The user is responsible for keeping his account password confidential and for restricting access to his computer and assumes responsibility for all activities that take place under his account password. In the case of a minor user, it is entitled to use the services offered only with the participation of a parent or guardian. The Company reserves the right to refuse service, discontinue accounts, remove or modify its content, or cancel orders at its absolute discretion.

Electronic Communications

All communication with the online store www.digascare.gr should be made electronically, whether it concerns orders or emails to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. Therefore, the customer accepts the right of www.digascare.gr respectively to communicate with him electronically. You agree in advance that such electronic communications and the information exchanged through them satisfy the applicable legal requirements and rules regarding the exchange of such communications in written form. For any questions regarding our online store you can also contact us at +302310275274.

Intellectual Property Rights

This eshop and its contents, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, information material, services and products, trademarks, brand names, distinctive features, any form of data, software, unless otherwise specified for specific third party rights are intellectual and industrial property at www.digascare.gr and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and international conventions. Also, anything transferred, relayed or sent through this site constitutes property of www.digascare, if this is possible and lawful.

Intellectual property is acquired without any further wording and without the need for a contract or a prohibition clause against its insults.

It is expressly forbidden to copy, modify analogue / digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, downloading, processing, reselling, renting, storing, printing, creating derivative work or misleading the public about the actual provider of the site and its content.

The names, images, logos, trademarks and distinctive features that represent www.digascare.gr and which appear on this website are the property of www.digascare.gr and are protected by the Greek, European and International laws on intellectual and industrial Ownership. Their use is expressly prohibited without the prior written permission of www.digascare.gr or their legal owner. Products, brand names, trademarks and third-party features appearing on this site are intellectual and industrial property of those who bear sole responsibility for them.

In any case, the appearance and display of the above on this website should in no way be construed as a transfer or granting of an explicit or tacit license or right to use it.

Any information submitted by users / visitors of this site at www.digascare.gr through this site is considered as non-confidential information and is not an asset of that user / visitor. Still, www.digascare.gr has the right to collect limited and necessary information about its commercial activities in general.


The online store www.digascare.gr is committed to the protection of personal data, users of the site and its customers by complying with the law L.2742 / 97 on the protection of the processing of personal data. Your personal information is requested, recorded and used only for your convenience by the company's online store. Your personal information will in no case be given to other companies or entities without your permission, and under the Privacy Act you can access them whenever you wish.

License and Access to the Online Store

Visitors to www.digascare.gr retain a limited, revocable, and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to their home page www.digascare.gr, as long as this hyperlink Does not describe www.digascare.gr., Or its products or services in a false, misleading, deceptive or other bad or unreasonable way. Any unauthorized or improper use interrupts the license or access granted by www.digascare.gr.

Limitation of liability from the use of the Online Store

The Online Store www.digascare.gr is provided by "Digas Care E.E." "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE". The online store makes no representations or authorizations of any kind, expressed or implied, both for the operation of the Online Store and for the information, content, material or products contained therein. Therefore, e-shop users agree to use this on their own responsibility. "Digas Care E.E." does not guarantee that the e-shop www.digascare.gr, servers or emails sent from www.digascare.gr do not contain viruses or other harmful elements. Www.digascare.gr bears no responsibility for any kind of destruction that may be caused by the use of the Online Store including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, accidental, incidental, and consequential.

Users / visitors who do not trust www.digascare.gr are advised not to visit or make use of this site or the services offered through it. Additionally, users / visitors are required to use software to protect against viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs, or other malicious programs and data.

In addition, www.digascare.gr is not responsible for product availability deficiencies due to force majeure, weather, fire, supplier strikes, third party illegal behavior, and in general reasons that can not be attributed to www.digascare.gr.

Www.digascare.gr is not responsible for any temporary or permanent failure to provide its services and for delays in accepting and executing orders and delivering the ordered products for reasons beyond the control of fault, such as reasons of force majeure, extreme weather conditions , Natural disasters, emergency situations, strikes, fire, dysfunction of the affiliated courier companies, accidental deterioration or destruction of the products prior to delivery to the user and after they are given for dispatch Unlawful interference by the Contractor or third party, malfunction of the Internet Payment Service Provider (Bank) or Host Provider or ISP or Access Provider or Terminal The user's equipment, incorrect provision of information on the part of the user and, in general, any incident that prevents the contractual obligations from being properly performed. The Company's liability is limited to its contractual obligations with the consumer and will make every effort to respond within a reasonable time to them.

Www.digascare.gr is not responsible for the poor condition of the products delivered, as this is not due to inadequate storage of the products from www.digascare.gr and if all the preventive measures that had to be taken by www.digascare.gr were taken.

Product Descriptions

The descriptions and features of the products presented at the www.digascare.gr have been written as accurately and comprehensively as possible with regard to their features. However, "Digas Care EE" is not responsible if the features or other content related to the products sold through its Online Store www.digascare.gr are inaccurate, incomplete, not timely updated or in general incorrectly . Also all the listed prices of the products mentioned in the Online Store include the legal VAT. 


All newsletters sent to the user of online store www.digascare.gr by registering them in the Mailing lists. The company retains the absolute right to refuse a user to subscribe to or reject lists. The Company may lawfully keep a record of the recipients' e-mail addresses for sending other newsletters, unless the recipient expressly

Right to Change

The Company reserves the right to make any changes to the Online Store www.digascare.gr, its commercial policy and Terms of Use at any time it deems necessary.

Applicable Law - Disagreements

Visitors to the Online Shop www.digascare.gr automatically agree that these Terms of Use are subject to the laws of the Greek State regarding any dispute that arises between users and the Online Shop www.digascare.gr, and consequently the company "Digas Care E . Any dispute arising in any way relating to the use of the Online Store www.digascare.gr or to the products or services sold through it will be the first attempt to resolve it out of court. In the event of no such settlement, disputes and related matters will be settled in the competent Courts of Thessaloniki.

Handling orders

Orders process from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 15.00. Shipments can be shipped on Saturdays with at extra cost to the customer. Product prices include the legal VAT that corresponds to each category of items. The online store has the right to bid on selected products whenever it wishes. .

Secure Transactions

The www.digascare.gr website uses Alphabank's secure SSL protocol for secure online trading. This encrypts all credit card information and so it can not read or changed when they are transferred over the Internet. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is today the world's leading Internet certification standard Web sites to network users and to encrypt data between network users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sender software and decrypted by the receiving software, thereby protecting personal information when transferred. In addition, all information sent under the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verifies whether the data has been changed during transport. Www.digascare.gr is not responsible for unauthorized use of a credit card by a non-owner if the loss is not declared to the bank.

Cancellations / Modifications of orders

An order may be canceled or modified only if an e-mail is sent to e-shop@digascare.gr until 12.30 of the day the order was placed. In the relevant email please kindly refer to customer details and order number. After the above process, a company representative will cancel the order.

Right of Withdrawal

The customer has 14 days to withdraw from the purchase has made through our online store. The right of withdrawal is exercised when the customer wants to return the product he has bought from our online store and take back his money. The aforementioned period of fourteen calendar days for exercising the right of withdrawal shall be exercised from the day following the date of receipt of the order.

Refunds occur within approximately 15 calendar days and only refer to the value of the order. For the refund, it is important to know the bank account of the customer and the name of the bank. The debit charge is charged to the sender. The product should be returned in perfect condition with its original packaging and the corresponding purchase receipt.

Before returning the product you must contact us at 2310 275274 or send email at e-shop@digascare.gr. The return address of the goods is: Street Voulgari 75, postal code 54249, Thessaloniki.

Product returns

Return of the sold item can be done in the following cases:

• On behalf of the company because of its fault (e.x. the customer receive wrong order)

• Upon receipt of defective or skewed product

• Due to the customer's request to change the product he bought with someone else.

In the above cases, if you wish to return / change the product, it is required to be completed within 14 calendar days after sending relevant email. Receipt of the returned item will only be accepted by our company if the product is in excellent condition and is accompanied by a copy of the purchase receipt and its original packaging. The product is returned either by registered mail or by courier, in secure packaging. If the returned product is not returned in perfect condition and is not accompanied by the corresponding purchase receipt, the return / change is not made.

If a customer wishes to change the product sold, it may be replaced by a product of the same code or different, of equal or higher monetary value, if the desired product is available for shipment. Note that only the first product change is free of charge. Changes are not made in elastic orthopedic articles and in special orthopedic articles, socks, stockings, footwear, foot aids and plastic compression garments and reconstructive surgery.

Please fill out the return form electronically before returning the product. For any questions regarding returns / changes please contact us at +302310275274 or at e-shop@digascare.gr. The return address of the goods is: Street 75 Voulgari, Postal Code .54249, Thessaloniki (eshop).


You can pick up your order or products in one of the following shipping methods.

• Receipt from our physical store: Street Voulgari 75, Thessaloniki

• Courier delivery: Your order can be sent by courier to your place, if it does not exceed 2 kg.

Transport costs for land and insular destinations amount is € 3 and for inaccessible destinations is € 5.

If your order exceeds 2 kg, there is a charge of 1 € / kg.

 In the case of cash on delivery, the customer is charged an extra 3 € per order.

 In the case of Saturday delivery, the customer is charged an extra 2 €.

• Carrier shipping: Products that by their nature (bulky, heavy etc) can not be shipped by courier are shipped to a shipping company.

 For orders over 300 €, freight costs are free for all urban centers in Greece.

For shipments within Attica the cost per parcel is 1.80 € and the cost per pallet to 25 €.

For shipments to Macedonia-Thrace-Thessaly-Epirus-Sterea Hellas the cost per parcel is 3 € and the cost per pallet to 30 €.

For shipments to the Peloponnese, the cost per parcel is 5 € and the cost per pallet is 55 €

For shipments to island destinations the cost per parcel is 6€ and the cost per pallet is  70€.

• Company shipment: For orders in the prefecture of Thessaloniki and over 30€, orders can be delivered with a private vehicle of the company. Shipments take place Monday-Friday, 8.00-16.00, with no charge.

The choice of the shipping method is based on the customers’ interest.

In any case, our company will inform you about the shipping method and any additional charges. For inaccessible areas, you may be asked to pick up the product from your nearest courier / carrier.

In case that order can not be completed (eg due to inability to communicate with the customer or failure to attend the customer to receive the product), the order remains available for delivery up to 7 calendar days after which the order is canceled.